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Tsubasa's got a bit of a unique Alice (aka superpower) that he normally refers to as Shadow Manipulation. He can do a variety of things with this power, so if you are uncomfortable with any of the following hitting your character, tell me here and I'll avoid it!

This post will also serve as a general reminder to me as to what all he can do.

Shadow Step - most basic ability. This allows him to freeze whatever he is stepping on the shadow of, even if it is in mid-air. If a person is standing in a larger shadow, or the shadows are otherwise converging, his Shadow Step will affect everyone on the shadow. Can also be used to trip people, throw them bodily, etc.

Shadow Scrawl - Usually used with Shadow Step, Tsubasa can write commands and a time limit on the shadow after capturing a person and their bodies automatically perform them. Generally limited to just that area, as the shadow must remain over the writing. Usually consists of fun activities such as "Hindu Squats - 1 hour" or "Sumo Wrestling - 2 Hours".

General Shadow Manipulation - This area may fill in more as Tsubasa uses his powers for different things and I collect them. Currently, there is:

*Moving through shadows - Tsubasa can indeed stretch his shadow across distances, arriving at a place first in shadow and then warping the rest of his body across once he reaches his destination.
All posts before this point are from memento_eden and remain for archive purposes only.

Tenth Shadow

[Friends may notice that Tsubasa's been keeping to himself lately. Ever since the 21st, as a matter of fact. On the surface it looks like he's just been kind of out of it, not really paying attention to conversations too well, and spacing out a lot.]

[Private; Hackable]

...Damn it. I just can't figure it out. No matter how much I try, I can't remember...!

Those guys... what were they thinking? Putting Kaname into the Dangerous Class like that... He was already frail as it was. Why make it even worse?

...And I couldn't even do anything about it, either. Dammit.

((OOC: 2% was spent on Kaname's inclusion in the Dangerous Alice Class despite having a power that affects his lifespan.))

Ninth Shadow

...Soooooo. Can we all just agree to not talk about last week? Like, ever again?

The real memories at least I hope they're real I got aren't much better than the ones from before. Apparently I was a little rebel when I was a kid, because I got sent straight to this guy named Rui who had the Alice of cursing. Even ignoring the Alice, he was just... kind of a creepy guy. I guess on the bright side, I finally know where the heck I got this star 'tattoo' from.

Now if only I could remember what I did that was bad enough to deserve three of 'em.

((OOC: 2% on being a rebellious child and getting three Marks of Obedience from Rui))


Eighth Shadow

But I don't even-

I'm only-

I'm not-


Seventh Shadow

Valentines Day... How could I forget about that? We used to celebrate it at the school every year. That was when all the girls would...



Uh. Yeah. Anyway, it's a real shame, but it looks like I'll be busy on the fourteenth this month. Probably won't even be around to see anyone. Well, there's always next year, right? [An incredibly forced laugh.]

[Filtered away from all females]

Would... would anyone happen to know a good place to hide for a day or two? Dammit, if only I'd remembered sooner, I could have been staking out spots weeks ago.

((OOC: 3% towards remembering how Valentines Day is spent at Gakuen Alice. 9% total.))

Sixth Shadow

Parents, huh...? No wonder I hardly remember them. If I was fourteen when we were cleaning up that old room, and I was enrolled when I was about three, that'd be about eleven years in between without seeing them. I wonder what they looked like?

It's a little hard to believe I forgot my best friends, though. Kaname, Misaki, whatshisface - Specs. Even then, we were having fun reminiscing about the past... Not that actually I remember a lot of what we were talking about. I hope they're all doing okay back home.

((OOC: 1% on the rest of the Gakuen Alice rules, 2% on the spring cleaning chapter and a few small, related memories.))


Fifth Shadow

Huh. This place sells some interesting things. I didn't even realize there was an outdoor market here...

Hey, kid, watch where you're going!

...? Whoa-!

[The sound of something falling! But oddly enough, there is no accompanying sound of something hitting the ground.]

Whew, that was a close call! Sorry, I didn't mean to knock them over.

...Uh, lady? You okay? Is there something on my face?

[Sometime later...]

...Well. That was. Uh. Weird.

((OOC: While in the marketplace, Tsubasa knocked over a stack of pottery. However, he automatically shadow-stepped on the point where their shadows converged, making them freeze in mid-air until he could grab them and return them to the stall owner. This would obviously be kind of a strange sight, so feel free to have spotted it. If not, talking to him afterwards is cool, too (:))

Fourth Shadow

[Filtered to D]

Hey, D.

We need to talk.



Third Shadow

Hey, it's a little late, but... Thanks for all the presents, everyone! I really appreciate it! Though I'm still not too sure what to do with the kimono...

It's kind of weird to be celebrating a new year when you can hardly remember what happened in the past one, but I guess that's just part of the deal when you're in Memento Eden. Does anyone know what year it is now, anyway?

New Years here seems to be kind of subdued compared to back home. From what I remember, we all had the day off from classes. Not only that, but everyone got fancy kimono and extra good food. We couldn't go home and visit our families, of course, but most people are allowed to get letters from their families for the new year.

One year, I dropped by the elementary division to deliver a present for a friend, since January 1st is her birthday. I don't remember her name, but I hope she had a good one this year, too. While I was there, we all pounded mochi and ate it up once we were done. Some people got stuck together because of that, but that's just part of the risk, haha. Too bad I don't have any of that powder with me anymore.

I'm a little worried about that invitation that two of the girls got, though... Hmm...

((OOC: 1% on general rules of Alice Academy, 2% on chapter 54/hanging out with the elementary kids on New Years))

Second Shadow

It's already been about five days... Either I'm here for real, or this is a really long dream. Too long, actually. Still haven't remembered anything, either. How long does it usually take, anyway?

It was kind of cool to explore the town for a bit, but damn, it's sure getting cold out. I ended up applying for a job at some café. It's called 'Dee-moys' or something like that. I didn't think they'd hire me, but it looks like they aren't too picky about who works there. Gotta wonder about a place that hires amnesiacs, though. At least this way I don't have to go to school... right?

According to the chart, I'm supposed to be rooming with some guy named Maguri, but I haven't seen him around. Do we just keep missing each other somehow? I mean, I don't really mind or anything, since the rooms aren't exactly huge, but it'd be nice to at least see this mystery roommate for once.

Huh... I gotta say, these journal things are pretty useful. Any idea who made them?

First Shadow

Yaaaaaawn... That was a good nap...


What the- I don’t remember falling asleep in a tree! How’d I get up here, anyway? Let’s see, before this, I was...


What... was I doing? I don’t remember... well, anything. Not even a name, or where I’m from, or-

Wait a minute. That’s right. My name’s Tsubasa. Dunno my last name, though. Geeze, this is weird.

Hmmm... Sitting around in a tree all day probably isn’t going to help, so... Guess I’ll just check out the area. Maybe someone who knew me can fill me in on what’s going on... Yeah, that sounds like a plan.